Maybe I should put down the wedding plans and go for tennis?I would never have thought this of him, Tears are falling down my cheeks, my mascara make me looks like a raccoon and I can´t remember when I last ate. If I keep loosing weight like this my wedding dress will look like a tent….

Ok, I might overreacting a bit. It´s not a big deal. He hasn’t been cheating on me with another girl. And no, that stuff about me loosing weight was just my inner drama queen speaking. BUT, the other day when I went online I saw that Marcus had visit a site called Since casinos are “our thing” I felt a bit betrayed. I know I´m silly but it feels like he has grown a bit tired off casinos lately and I´m scared that he wont appreciate our wedding theme as much as he did when we first started to plan it. I know it´s silly but these days my hormones seems to put me off my feet. I guess it´s the high level off stress that comes with planning a wedding. Perhaps I should just join him and take a break from casinos for a while. What do you think? I used to be a pro at Tennis (ok, there were the dram queen again…). Maybe I should check out the odds (and, with a little luck, earn some extra pocket money for my honeymoon).

I am getting married I Las Vegas

Hi you guys…

Do you realize that it has gone almost a year since I wrote something in here? I don´t even know if there is anyone out there who is still following my blog. But if there is… Hi!

As you know, I got engaged last year. It has been a busy year with a lots of romantic dates and wedding plans. We bought an apartment just before Christmas and our wedding is coming up soon. So I guess that you understand why I haven´t spent any time in here.

Since Marcus and I met trough an online casino, casino will be the theme of our wedding. And where is a better place to throw a casino wedding than Las Vegas? We will celebrate for three days with our closest friends. The wedding ceremoni will take place in a chapel and afterwords we will have a three courses in a restaurant nearby followed by a night at the casinos. Simple, fun and sparkling.

A few weeks ago my bridesmaids arranged a bridal shower for me. I will tell you more about it in another post. But I can tell you this much: the theme was online casino and we had so much fun.

Marcus and I have been thinking about starting a blog together about gambling. There are so many people who questions our gambling activity.    We don´t gamble our savings away. We gamble for fun. When other people rent a movie, Marcus and I put a few dollars in for some spins on our favorite slot. We have gotten pretty good searching the net for freespins. There are many sites that gathering information about promotions and bonus campaigns on different online casinos that saves us a lot of time. If you are curios about how these kind of sites looks like – check out the link above.

So, what do you think? Would you read our blog?

Talk to you soon!


ProposeHi sweethearts! It´s been a while 😉

Yesterday I sat down and read my old blogposts. Who would have thought that my life would look like this a year ago? Remember Marcus? That guy I met at an online casino…. We have been dating ever since and last weekend – he proposed!!!!! I was so surprised. I honestly didn’t see it coming. He went down on one knee, surrounded by rose petals, looked me in the eyes and said the most beautiful and intimate things I have ever heard (and no, I want tell… a girl has to have her secrets 😉 ).

My answer: yes yes yes!!!! A thousand yes!

So I am no longer on the market, searching, longing for love. I have found the perfect man for me. The one I want to spend the rest of my life with.

But I would still like to help all of you who is still searching. To love and be loved is the most wonderful feeling you could ever experience as a human being. When I opened up my email I found a letter from Lisa. Last fall I tried to match her up with a guy I know – total disaster 😀 But it did come something good out of it. Here, read her letter (she gave me permission to publish it).


Hi Carola

Remember that blind date you sent me on? Honestly, Johan was a cute guy but our date was a total disaster. Our ticket reservation to the movies disappeared, Johan got food poisoned and I fell into a fountain. But we laughed, laughed like I have never done before. We became best friends after that day. And guess what? I am dating his brother now. Johan introduced us. It might sound weird but there were never any romantic feelings between Johan and me. And it´s a quite funny story to tell when people ask how we met. Anyway, we have been going out for a while now and next week we are going on our first holiday together, can´t wait.

Hope to see you soon <3


Ok, a while ago I had to choose between Karl and José. Or I didn’t have to choose, but I had a dilemma if I should, because I almost felt like I was cheating when I was chatting with two guys at the same time. I knew that José was more flirty (and of course very good looking) so I was up for an adventure. But while I was chatting a little more with him I realized that we never could have a future, so I decided it wasn’t necessary to go on a date. (if you remember my rule you know why)

Karl, on the other hand, I really wanted to meet. So I asked him if he was interested in going to dinner, since we both like nice food. And you know what he said? No!! I was like: What???

I was very surprised and I didn’t understand anything. We’ve had so much fun, so why didn’t he want to meet me? But then he explained. Well, at first I didn’t ask anything because I was pretty annoyed that he had lead me on and not made it clear that he just wanted us to be online friends. But he explained that he didn’t just want to be online friends, he wanted more, but he was afraid. He had been to some dates, one where the women was totally crazy and became a stalker for months. After this, he met a women which he fell in love with, but she didn’t share his feelings, so he was very disappointed and sad. They haven’t talked for long, before they decided to go out and for him it was love at first sight.

For these reasons he wanted to get to know me a little bit better before we met. And ok, I can accept that. But I will not wait too long and I will talk to others in the meantime. So there.

I have signed up to and I am hopeful that I will meet someone there. The only thing that I am a bit worried about with is that a lot of the people there judge each other on the pictures and are only interested on going on dates if the person is good looking. So I’m a bit worried, not that I am ugly, but that I will have to have a picture there to get some dates if I don’t sound interesting enough. Hopefully that is not the case and I will have a few matches there so I don’t have to wait for Karl if he’s not ready. Who knows, he might not even want to meet me after we’ve been chatting for a while either so I can’t really go around and wait for him. Please keep your fingers crossed for me in the search for my next true love! I hope you all are having a great love life, other wise contact me and will try to help you out and find some partners we definitely can see and have a future with.

/ Carola

locker with a heart on

Will i ever find my one true love?

Hi, my name is Jessica and I’ve had the possibility to write contact add here at To Find Love or Partners. I have decided not to post my picture in public but if you contact Carola she will be able to help you if you are serious in your contact.

So who am I? I’m 32 years old and am a very cheerful person and enjoying life. I’m very spontaneous and enjoy traveling. I love to spend time in nature and am very fond of trekking, especially in different places around the world. I live in Norway, at the border to Sweden, where there are great trekking possibilities. Some of my other hobbies are veggie food, cooking, reading and painting.

I have been single for a couple of years now and want someone to share my hobbies with. So you must have a passion for trekking and traveling. I’m also looking for new friends, so you don’t have to be in search for a romance or relationship. I’m just looking for someone to share my interests with, but of course it would be extra interesting if you were looking for a relationship 🙂

As a person I’m very lojal and loving. Like I said, I love to enjoy life to the fullest. So naturally it would be great if you did to. I’m quite short, 1,58 cm, and fit. When I work out it’s in the nature. Of course it would be best if you lived in the south of Norway, but if you live elsewhere that is no problem, since the world of today is quite a small place which internet has contributed to 🙂

I own a coffeehouse, where I serve veggie- and raw food. So that’s what I have been doing for the last couple of years when not traveling. I don’t have any children, but doesn’t mind if you do. I don’t know if I want children in the future, perhaps with the right person, but that would be a mutual decision. Otherwise I love animals very much, especially cats. I’ve owned a cat before, but lost him recently due to a heart disease. I’m planning to buy a new cat, but will wait for a while since it’s a huge responsibility to have animals.

I also have to tell you that I’m a bingo fan. Not in a bad way, I’m not addicted to gambling, definitely not. But I like it as a social game, because you meet so much nice people. I sometimes play online though, but then I’ll try to find social bingo halls where it’s easy to meet and chat with people. This online bingo guide has been helpful with that.

I hope some of you find my profile interesting 🙂 In that case, contact Carola, so she can pass on the information to me. If I found you interesting which I most likely will I will contact trough Skype or e-mail.

a couple

I’m looking forward hearing from you!

All my best,


Hard decisions

I have a problem! As I mentioned in my earlier post I have two persons that I’m chatting with and I can’t decide whom to choose. Of course, I haven’t met either of them, but I feel like it’s complicated to talking to both of them without they knowing about one another. I have only chatted with them, so we haven’t met in person.

The thing is that they are so different from each other. One of them, Karl, is more like me, he likes eating nice and luxurious food and is very social. He’s qualities are very similar to the qualities I usually get attracted to when it comes to men. Last night we really had some fun playing poker. We compared a couple of poker rooms, this web page was very helpful,  and then signed up for Bwin to play in the same tournament.. We both actually got paid and while playing we chatted via Skype. It was a fun night! The thing is that he’s not very good looking… He looks quite normal though. 40 years old, glasses and 1,78 cm long. He’s a little bit heavy, but seems quite charming and I definitely want to play poker with him again, I have already started to learn more about the game via

The other guy I’m chatting with is José. As the name implies he’s from Spain and very good looking according to his profile picture. He’s dark, brown eyed, 1,83 cm long and likes to work out. The problem with him is that he’s quite mystical and flirty. Therefor I found him very sexy, but I don’t know his intentions and if his honest or not. I found that a long time relationship with him would be quite difficult, since he doesn’t prioritize good food over his training. But a small adventure perhaps…

Or would that be to mean to Karl? On the other hand, we aren’t exclusive, we haven’t even met. And we haven’t decided that we can’t date others. So I’m thinking about going on a date with José first to see what he’s like. Perhaps I had to make an exception from my rule with no sex on the first date…;)