Dating tips

With online dating increasing, so is the competition between candidates. It’s almost like positing a CV at a dating site. You have to be interesting for the people you want to attract.

Here I’m going to provide you with a few online dating tips, that is worth to consider when posting your profile or want to move on with someone.

Post a photo of you – That will increase your chances even if your not very good looking. But seeing a friendly face when reading a contact add shows your follower that you have nothing to hide. In a survey men posing solo got more messengers then men posing with pets or friends, so it might be a good idea to do this. You’re also more likely to get good response if you have a professional picture taken, rather than a selfie. If you show your full body it also shows that you have nothing to hide. And be sure not to wear clothes that you don’t normally wear, since you don’t want to fool anyone. And of course – smile and look friendly!

Show your active side – Even though your not into sports it’s nice to know that you have interests or take care of your health. Perhaps you like long walks or swimming when you’re on the beach. There can also be good point to describe yourself as relaxed or cool if that’s true. But no one wants anyone lazy, so be careful.

When talking to contacts, try to be honest. Tell them about exes or mistakes in your life, since this also shows that you have nothing to hide.

Be available – When texting, it’s a good idea to be able to understand the most regular terms that are used, like lol, wtf, LTR etc. Also, adapt your time when chatting to the person your chatting with. Does he or she prefer to chat at night or daytime? Don’t be appropriate in your language and make sure you have the right conduct when it comes to being available. Don’t say that you won’t be available, just to log in a few hours later. And don’t be too clingy!

Dating online is a science, so please give me your best dating tips. And there are always exceptions, what works for one person might not work for the next person. So you might have to find out by testing and risk to loose someone along the way.

But the things that almost always works is to have a good photo, be nice and honest. Don’t wait too long with making a move if there’s a chance the person might meet others or get bored waiting for you. I have left guys who took too long making a move. I didn’t want to make a move myself, since I wasn’t sure if their intentions and therefor I lost my interest in talking to them.