A difficult decision

Hard decisions

I have a problem! As I mentioned in my earlier post I have two persons that I’m chatting with and I can’t decide whom to choose. Of course, I haven’t met either of them, but I feel like it’s complicated to talking to both of them without they knowing about one another. I have only chatted with them, so we haven’t met in person.

The thing is that they are so different from each other. One of them, Karl, is more like me, he likes eating nice and luxurious food and is very social. He’s qualities are very similar to the qualities I usually get attracted to when it comes to men. Last night we really had some fun playing poker. We compared a couple of poker rooms, this web page was very helpful,  and then signed up for Bwin to play in the same tournament.. We both actually got paid and while playing we chatted via Skype. It was a fun night! The thing is that he’s not very good looking… He looks quite normal though. 40 years old, glasses and 1,78 cm long. He’s a little bit heavy, but seems quite charming and I definitely want to play poker with him again, I have already started to learn more about the game via pokeromega.com

The other guy I’m chatting with is José. As the name implies he’s from Spain and very good looking according to his profile picture. He’s dark, brown eyed, 1,83 cm long and likes to work out. The problem with him is that he’s quite mystical and flirty. Therefor I found him very sexy, but I don’t know his intentions and if his honest or not. I found that a long time relationship with him would be quite difficult, since he doesn’t prioritize good food over his training. But a small adventure perhaps…

Or would that be to mean to Karl? On the other hand, we aren’t exclusive, we haven’t even met. And we haven’t decided that we can’t date others. So I’m thinking about going on a date with José first to see what he’s like. Perhaps I had to make an exception from my rule with no sex on the first date…;)