The decision

Ok, a while ago I had to choose between Karl and José. Or I didn’t have to choose, but I had a dilemma if I should, because I almost felt like I was cheating when I was chatting with two guys at the same time. I knew that José was more flirty (and of course very good looking) so I was up for an adventure. But while I was chatting a little more with him I realized that we never could have a future, so I decided it wasn’t necessary to go on a date. (if you remember my rule you know why)

Karl, on the other hand, I really wanted to meet. So I asked him if he was interested in going to dinner, since we both like nice food. And you know what he said? No!! I was like: What???

I was very surprised and I didn’t understand anything. We’ve had so much fun, so why didn’t he want to meet me? But then he explained. Well, at first I didn’t ask anything because I was pretty annoyed that he had lead me on and not made it clear that he just wanted us to be online friends. But he explained that he didn’t just want to be online friends, he wanted more, but he was afraid. He had been to some dates, one where the women was totally crazy and became a stalker for months. After this, he met a women which he fell in love with, but she didn’t share his feelings, so he was very disappointed and sad. They haven’t talked for long, before they decided to go out and for him it was love at first sight.

For these reasons he wanted to get to know me a little bit better before we met. And ok, I can accept that. But I will not wait too long and I will talk to others in the meantime. So there.

I have signed up to and I am hopeful that I will meet someone there. The only thing that I am a bit worried about with is that a lot of the people there judge each other on the pictures and are only interested on going on dates if the person is good looking. So I’m a bit worried, not that I am ugly, but that I will have to have a picture there to get some dates if I don’t sound interesting enough. Hopefully that is not the case and I will have a few matches there so I don’t have to wait for Karl if he’s not ready. Who knows, he might not even want to meet me after we’ve been chatting for a while either so I can’t really go around and wait for him. Please keep your fingers crossed for me in the search for my next true love! I hope you all are having a great love life, other wise contact me and will try to help you out and find some partners we definitely can see and have a future with.

/ Carola

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Will i ever find my one true love?