True love – true story

ProposeHi sweethearts! It´s been a while 😉

Yesterday I sat down and read my old blogposts. Who would have thought that my life would look like this a year ago? Remember Marcus? That guy I met at an online casino…. We have been dating ever since and last weekend – he proposed!!!!! I was so surprised. I honestly didn’t see it coming. He went down on one knee, surrounded by rose petals, looked me in the eyes and said the most beautiful and intimate things I have ever heard (and no, I want tell… a girl has to have her secrets 😉 ).

My answer: yes yes yes!!!! A thousand yes!

So I am no longer on the market, searching, longing for love. I have found the perfect man for me. The one I want to spend the rest of my life with.

But I would still like to help all of you who is still searching. To love and be loved is the most wonderful feeling you could ever experience as a human being. When I opened up my email I found a letter from Lisa. Last fall I tried to match her up with a guy I know – total disaster 😀 But it did come something good out of it. Here, read her letter (she gave me permission to publish it).


Hi Carola

Remember that blind date you sent me on? Honestly, Johan was a cute guy but our date was a total disaster. Our ticket reservation to the movies disappeared, Johan got food poisoned and I fell into a fountain. But we laughed, laughed like I have never done before. We became best friends after that day. And guess what? I am dating his brother now. Johan introduced us. It might sound weird but there were never any romantic feelings between Johan and me. And it´s a quite funny story to tell when people ask how we met. Anyway, we have been going out for a while now and next week we are going on our first holiday together, can´t wait.

Hope to see you soon <3