Time flies by…

I am getting married I Las Vegas

Hi you guys…

Do you realize that it has gone almost a year since I wrote something in here? I don´t even know if there is anyone out there who is still following my blog. But if there is… Hi!

As you know, I got engaged last year. It has been a busy year with a lots of romantic dates and wedding plans. We bought an apartment just before Christmas and our wedding is coming up soon. So I guess that you understand why I haven´t spent any time in here.

Since Marcus and I met trough an online casino, casino will be the theme of our wedding. And where is a better place to throw a casino wedding than Las Vegas? We will celebrate for three days with our closest friends. The wedding ceremoni will take place in a chapel and afterwords we will have a three courses in a restaurant nearby followed by a night at the casinos. Simple, fun and sparkling.

A few weeks ago my bridesmaids arranged a bridal shower for me. I will tell you more about it in another post. But I can tell you this much: the theme was online casino and we had so much fun.

Marcus and I have been thinking about starting a blog together about gambling. There are so many people who questions our gambling activity.    We don´t gamble our savings away. We gamble for fun. When other people rent a movie, Marcus and I put a few dollars in for some spins on our favorite slot. We have gotten pretty good searching the net for freespins. There are many sites that gathering information about promotions and bonus campaigns on different online casinos that saves us a lot of time. If you are curios about how these kind of sites looks like – check out the link above.

So, what do you think? Would you read our blog?

Talk to you soon!