Marcus is having an affair….

Maybe I should put down the wedding plans and go for tennis?I would never have thought this of him, Tears are falling down my cheeks, my mascara make me looks like a raccoon and I can´t remember when I last ate. If I keep loosing weight like this my wedding dress will look like a tent….

Ok, I might overreacting a bit. It´s not a big deal. He hasn’t been cheating on me with another girl. And no, that stuff about me loosing weight was just my inner drama queen speaking. BUT, the other day when I went online I saw that Marcus had visit a site called Since casinos are “our thing” I felt a bit betrayed. I know I´m silly but it feels like he has grown a bit tired off casinos lately and I´m scared that he wont appreciate our wedding theme as much as he did when we first started to plan it. I know it´s silly but these days my hormones seems to put me off my feet. I guess it´s the high level off stress that comes with planning a wedding. Perhaps I should just join him and take a break from casinos for a while. What do you think? I used to be a pro at Tennis (ok, there were the dram queen again…). Maybe I should check out the odds (and, with a little luck, earn some extra pocket money for my honeymoon).