This is a blog about finding your true love, a lover, a partner or a friend for life. We will talk about how to find a love which nowadays is very easy to do online. You have a bunch of dating sites to choose from, like and for persons looking for partners. Of course we will take a look at them, to see which ones that are best for you. There are dating sites with specific criterias, like the Swedish site which try to attract academics. There are also sites for people already living in a relationship and want a lover or mistress.

No matter what your reason is, online dating is fun and even if you don’t meet your true love you can make friends for life. Thousands of people meet each other through online dating everyday.

But you have to be aware it’s also a risk when dating online, since you don’t know who you will meet. The person behind the computer can be a different person in real life. You’ll never know. But of course, most people are honest and just in search for a true love. But when you decide about your first meeting, I would choose to meet somewhere in public.

I hope we will have a couple of guests in this blog, that are in the search for others. Please contact me if you want to put a short profile in this blog in hope to meet others. Or if you want to share your experiences in online dating.

Here I will share my own experience of dating and how I have found partners a long the way. Although I’m single again now, I have met some wonderful men that I hope will stay my friends forever.

Good luck dating!