My name is Carola and I’m 33 years old. I have long, blond hair and am 1,73 cm long. I look like a typical Swedish women with my blue eyes and well shaped body. I have started this blog since I have noticed how fun match making is. When you’re single it’s wonderful to meet people in all ages and have an open mind towards the ones you meet. My rule is never to have sex on the first date though! So if that’s what you expect you can look elsewhere 🙂

I started dating online when I became single after a seven year long relationship. I thought the men in the pubs were quite stupid being drunk and just in search to get laid at 02.00 am. So I thought about giving online dating a chance. I created a profile, but since I didn’t use my picture I didn’t get very many replies. I therefor changed my mind and published a photo of myself and then the reactions were plenty 🙂

I started chatting with a couple of men, almost felt I was cheating all of them since I had several conversations. And then one thing led to another and I started dating one of them. We lived quite far from each other, around 200 kilometers, so on the first date I took in on a hotel since I didn’t want to sleep in his house. We had a dinner in a restaurant and we had a very nice time in each others company. In fact, I soon became his girlfriend and our relationship lasted for two years! He is still a very good friend.

I also have had a couple of other dates that hasn’t been very successful, and a couple of ones that has been very passionate. I will try to tell you more about them in my blog.

My hobbies are painting, playing poker, reading, eating good food and meeting friends. I work as a cosmetic salesperson, which I’m very passionate about. I have decided not to post my photo in this blog, but if you find me interesting, please send me a message and then I will send a photo if you seem all right.