With online dating increasing, so is the competition between candidates. It’s almost like positing a CV at a dating site. You have to be interesting for the people you want to attract.

Here I’m going to provide you with a few online dating tips, that is worth to consider when posting your profile or want to move on with someone.

Post a photo of you – That will increase your chances even if your not very good looking. But seeing a friendly face when reading a contact add shows your follower that you have nothing to hide. In a survey men posing solo got more messengers then men posing with pets or friends, so it might be a good idea to do this. You’re also more likely to get good response if you have a professional picture taken, rather than a selfie. If you show your full body it also shows that you have nothing to hide. And be sure not to wear clothes that you don’t normally wear, since you don’t want to fool anyone. And of course – smile and look friendly!

Show your active side – Even though your not into sports it’s nice to know that you have interests or take care of your health. Perhaps you like long walks or swimming when you’re on the beach. There can also be good point to describe yourself as relaxed or cool if that’s true. But no one wants anyone lazy, so be careful.

When talking to contacts, try to be honest. Tell them about exes or mistakes in your life, since this also shows that you have nothing to hide.

Be available – When texting, it’s a good idea to be able to understand the most regular terms that are used, like lol, wtf, LTR etc. Also, adapt your time when chatting to the person your chatting with. Does he or she prefer to chat at night or daytime? Don’t be appropriate in your language and make sure you have the right conduct when it comes to being available. Don’t say that you won’t be available, just to log in a few hours later. And don’t be too clingy!

Dating online is a science, so please give me your best dating tips. And there are always exceptions, what works for one person might not work for the next person. So you might have to find out by testing and risk to loose someone along the way.

But the things that almost always works is to have a good photo, be nice and honest. Don’t wait too long with making a move if there’s a chance the person might meet others or get bored waiting for you. I have left guys who took too long making a move. I didn’t want to make a move myself, since I wasn’t sure if their intentions and therefor I lost my interest in talking to them.

My first dateI have told you a little bit about me and why I think online dating is alright. You can read all about it here. I think it would be fair to share my first online dating experience as well, since I would like you to share your stories as well. To be correct, this is about my first live date after I had decided to try online dating.

As I said, I created a profile at a big Swedish matchmaking site. I look quite alright, but thought it was too scary to share my photo at Internet. Now I have got used to doing so, both at matchmaking sites and also at Facebook and Instagram. But at that time I had just ended a long relationship.

Since I didn’t get many replies, I posted a photo. And I got several messages. One of them was from a man that I actually ended up with for two years. He was handsome, being a long and blond Swedish guy. He lived quite far from me, but asked me on a date. I was very afraid that I should have to spend the night with him, since I didn’t know anything about him. For all that I knew he could be a serial killer! Anyway, I decided to meet him and he was so nice. He took me to a nice Thai restaurant and then to a movie. I started to feel things for him almost immediately. He was very calm and intelligent and during the evening we talked about politics, our families and background. He was a couple of years older than me, working in a book store and playing golf as a hobby. By the end of the night we had been talking for hours and when I looked at the time it was 02:00 AM and time to go back to my hotel. I didn’t want separate from him and he felt the same way too, he told me afterwards. But he was a gentleman and followed me to my hotel and gave me a kiss. That was it! We decided to eat breakfast at the hotel the morning after and so we did. I had to go back to my home town because of work, but already the next weekend we saw each other again. And the weekend after… And the weekend after… And the weekend after…. We spent almost two years like this, but then we realized the distance made things complicated. Since none of us wanted to move we broke up. But we are still good friends and if I hadn’t started dating online I would never have met him since we live 200 km from each other.

Perhaps destiny wants us to end up together in the future. You’ll never know… But right now I’m ready to kiss more frogs 🙂 And I actually have two now that I’m chatting with, more information will follow….

This is a blog about finding your true love, a lover, a partner or a friend for life. We will talk about how to find a love which nowadays is very easy to do online. You have a bunch of dating sites to choose from, like Match.com and Speeddate.com for persons looking for partners. Of course we will take a look at them, to see which ones that are best for you. There are dating sites with specific criterias, like the Swedish site elitsinglar.se which try to attract academics. There are also sites for people already living in a relationship and want a lover or mistress.

No matter what your reason is, online dating is fun and even if you don’t meet your true love you can make friends for life. Thousands of people meet each other through online dating everyday.

But you have to be aware it’s also a risk when dating online, since you don’t know who you will meet. The person behind the computer can be a different person in real life. You’ll never know. But of course, most people are honest and just in search for a true love. But when you decide about your first meeting, I would choose to meet somewhere in public.

I hope we will have a couple of guests in this blog, that are in the search for others. Please contact me if you want to put a short profile in this blog in hope to meet others. Or if you want to share your experiences in online dating.

Here I will share my own experience of dating and how I have found partners a long the way. Although I’m single again now, I have met some wonderful men that I hope will stay my friends forever.

Good luck dating!